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The popularity and profitability of basketball wagering has reached an all time high thanks to online basketball gambling. When betting on round ball; sports bettors need to arm themselves with the most current team information and have a good sense of timing. Basketball betting success comes from knowing the teams involved and getting the best possible sports wagering odds. always brings you the most accurate team information and up to date odds in real time. Basketball odds are always subject to change and sometimes those fluctuations can turn a winner into a loser or vise versa. Get informed and get every advantage available!


Online betting basketball is quick and easy thanks to a few top NBA betting sites. With online sportsbooks offering more and more betting options the thrill of live basket action is more fun to watch and more profitable than ever before.

While the Internet has hundreds of portals catering to basketball betting online, it has become increasingly more important to find a secure and reliable basketball-betting site. For the best online basketball wagering sites the savvy sports bettor will find our list of the top basketball sports betting sites to very helpful.

Basketball Betting Trends

One of the reasons for the popularity of online basketball betting is the substantial number of wagering options available. The betting trend towards live in game wagering has also brought basketball wagering to a new stratosphere. Factor in the vast amount of games available (far more than any brick and mortar sportsbook) and it's no small wonder why online basketball betting has reached an exciting new plateau.

It's been said that winning basketball bets are easier to make than winning wagers in any other sport. Teams in basketball have the best ?home field?? advantage in all of sports. That is one of the main reasons why so many sports bettors love handicapping and betting on basketball. With an Advantage Sports Betting top ranked sportsbook like you get all of the basketball betting trends on both the NCAA and the NBA level.

Basketball Betting Strategies

Before you get into the basketball betting game, you should always be armed with information about online basketball betting, basketball odds, basketball gambling lines, point spreads and team information. Here are just a few tips you can come to expect from Advantage Sports Betting:

  • Know your NBA and NCAA teams. It's important to know the general news of the team you are thinking of wagering on. For example; are any of the players playing sick or hurt? Is a player returning to action after a long absence or did the team make a recent trade that could help or hurt them?
  • Look for the best possible betting lines. NBA betting lines are subject to more movement than most of the other major sports.
  • Look at big spreads with a certain degree of caution. While the odds makers try to get equal action on both sides of a game, a big spread doesn't always guarantee a big win.
  • Bet on motivated teams. This strategy applies more towards the end of the season, but motivation can happen at anytime to any team. Sometimes, during the season, a new coach comes in or a trade is made and these can both be motivating factors.
  • Sports betting online is much more enjoyable when you only play with money you can afford to lose. Also you will end up making better judgments and that can lead to more profit.

Secure Online Gambling

With you always know your personal information and online transactions are fully protected. Our trusted, NBA focused, sportsbooks like Bodog understand your immediate need for online security. That's why they employ the latest security mechanisms to protect you while you bet on basketball as well as any other sports or entertainment event. Everyone needs the peace of mind that comes with knowing their personal data and financial transactions are always safe and 100% secure.

Our trusted online wagering sites offer the best books for sport and horse betting as well as exciting poker and casino action. The sportsbooks we rate and review have to a show safe and secure deposit options to make the final cut. As important, their track record for prompt payments must be equally impeccable. In addition, Advantage Sports Betting hoops partners always offer the most value loaded cash back bonuses in the online wagering industry today.

Online Betting Guides

It's time to start winning on basketball betting with Advantage Sports Betting and their featured sites like Bodog. Sign up for an account, make a deposit, collect your first deposit cash bonus and you'll hit nothing but net with every online wager you attempt. Online basketball betting has never been as easy and respected; as well as safe and secure, as it is today. There's no better place for online basketball gambling information than the related links at Advantage Sports Betting.

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