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AdvantageSportsBetting.com was launched in 2001 as an online sports betting site with the FMC Media Network of sportsbooks. A few years later, the site migrated to a new format which focused on directing visitors to the very best sports betting sites on the web. More recently, AdvantageSportsBetting.com has established itself as a quality sports betting news provider.

But since our earliest days on the web, it's our dedication to safety, security, and truly exceptional content that has carried us through more than a decade of success. Our focus on great service that has blessed us with thousands of happy customers across the US, Canada, and the rest of the world, giving us great confidence to keep up the good work!


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We'd love to introduce you to some of the prominent members on our editorial team:

-StatsGuru : Editorial Director / Lead Handicapper and Picks Man

Stats Guru is his name, and stats are not surprisingly his game. Frequently traveling across North America to his favorite destination of Las Vegas (all the while contributing to AdvantageSportsBetting.com from the road) for everything from the Kentucky Derby to the Super Bowl, Stats Guru features an exceptional eye for picking the bets that will keep your betting bankroll on a positive trend.

-Denis R. : Editorial Contributor

With a fresh eye on sports from a Canadian stand-point, Denis brings a unique look at the hottest news stories of the month, week, day and hour. Obviously quite knowledgeable in the realm of NHL Hockey and CFL Football, Denis continues to keep us posted on the newsmakers that keep us up to date, and our betting bankrolls out of the red.

-Neil A. : Editorial Contributor

Neil has been in the sports news game for years now, and we are graced with his presence on our team at AdvantageSportsBetting.com. While he in all-around sports nut and aficionado, his true betting passions lie in hockey. Keep your eyes peeled for Neil's latest post as it is sure to provide some serious insight into tonight, or even, next season's big game.


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Through our advertising sales team we are the partner of choice for any company that wishes to be associated with serious coverage of American and European sport on the internet.


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