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The thrill of football betting is something that is hard to duplicate in any other sport. With so many elements in play from wild school spirit to huge stadiums, to heated rivalries and players hoping to make it to the next level, college game days are a spectacle everyone should experience. To sit with the over 100,000 rabid fans at the « Big House » in Michigan or « The Horseshoe » in Ohio is an experience like no other. At we take you straight to the college football wagering action and we do it better than any other online sportsbook portal. Bookmark us today to get in on the action!

NCAA football is said to be the most « pure » form of American football, because the players are playing for pride as well as their futures. In college football, it's all about playing hard for your school, trying to get into the national spotlight and eventually making it to the NFL. These kids have motors that run from the start of the game until the final gun and they gut it out on every play. Both college football betting and pro football betting are «main events» for online sports bettors. While the NFL is still the King of football betting, college football has closed the gap considerably with the advent of online football betting.

College Football Online

Finding a reputable, safe and secure sports book online is easy with Advantage Sports Betting's preferred sportsbooks like You can trust us as your reliable source for online betting for college football and sports of all sorts. Whether you want college football betting or professional football betting stay informed with the experts at Advantage Sports Betting. We have reviewed and rated hundreds of online football betting sites to assist you in getting the most bang for your football betting buck. With the Advantage Sports Betting featured online sportsbooks the action is as close as your home or office computer as well as your mobile device for those times when you are on the go and need to get into the game. We have done all the homework so there's no need for you to look any further when considering your online football betting home.

College Football Betting Odds

Ever week during the NCAA football season the odds makers at our top recommended sportsbooks are charged with setting the lines for over 50 college football games. It's a tall order to be sure because the odds can range from a line of even and can go as high as 50 or more points based on the match-ups. Unlike pro football; college teams have a say in their schedule and most schools want the best competition they can get. That being said, they also try to slip some «soft» spots into their schedule and that is when the lines really start to climb. Who can forget that memorable game when tiny Appalachian State visited the Michigan Wolverines in September 2007? It was the first game of the season for both teams and Michigan was ranked as the #5 team in the nation. When the Mountaineers stunned the Wolverines with a 34-32 victory (as 27 point underdogs) that game became one of the greatest upsets in football history. Many of the brick and mortar sportsbooks in Las Vegas didn't even post a number on that game. They feared that the betting would be too unbalanced towards Michigan no matter how high they set the spread. However, the trusted sports books at Advantage Sports Betting were right there bringing their loyal customers all of the exciting betting action. We want you to win and winning is good!

College Football Lines

With so much college football action being played on a weekly basis it can be difficult to keep up with all the odds and the line movements. has always got you covered with the latest and best odds from the world's top online football betting sportsbooks. Most of the football betting public is aware of a Florida versus Florida State match-up in the «Swamp» or when the Georgia Bulldogs battle the Auburn Tigers «Between The Hedges». The real money in college football comes from games between lesser-known schools. Get the best lines on ALL the games as well as the game information you need to know with the preferred sportsbooks at Advantage Sports Betting.

College Football Picks

We always stress that knowledge is the key to online betting success and that is more prevalent in NCAA football betting than virtually any other sport. There are some important keys to look for when making college football betting picks. With so much action happening on a weekly basis you need to know the what, where and when and Advantage Sports Betting is here to help!

Pay attention to the lines when making your picks. As in our example above, a nationally known Division l powerhouse playing against a Division ll or even Division lll school will have hefty game line. Check the talent on both teams, where the game is being played, the injury reports, the weather and the team's recent schedule. Only then can you decide if the game will be a blowout or if there'll be some fight in the underdogs. Unlike NFL football the college game has scoring early, often and right up to the final gun in every game. Running up the score? is very common in NCAA football as teams vie for their highest-ranking possible. A big name school scoring a close victory over a team they should have pounded will drop them in the polls and hurt their chances of making it to the BCS National Championship game. For that reason you should never look at a monster spread and automatically «assume» that the underdog is going to keep it close. The trends and tips from our online sportsbook partners like BODOG will help you make informed decisions when making your college football picks. Open a safe and secure online account with one of our preferred sportsbooks to start making informed AND winning picks today!

Sports Betting Information

No matter how much you think you know about college football and sports betting in general, your thirst for knowledge should never be quenched or satisfied. Be sure to take with you as you navigate the online sports and entertainment betting landscape as well as the casino, poker and horse racing online gambling world.

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