Pro Football Betting

It's that time of year again when a true NFL fan can only think one thing when they hear the words «Pro Football»; Betting.

The National Football League season is the most anticipated sporting and sports betting event of the year. In fact, football wagering is one of the main staples of the online sports betting industry.

The experts at and their recommended online sportsbooks offer football wagering from both the college and pro levels. Their football wagering options include college football wagering and pro football wagering (NFL, CFL, and Arena Football).

Online NFL Betting

Pro football wagering online, with the preferred websites reviewed at makes online sport betting quick, safe and simple. They feature easy-to-read and understand football lines and user-friendly betting platforms. Only the best of the best make our grade so you know they will be posting the most up to date and best odds on the Internet every week.

Pro football offers some of the most extensive betting options of any sport. Top rated sports books at start posting odds on the NFL as soon as the season ends. Off season betting options include over/under team win totals, propositions on rookie production as well as divisional champion, conference champion and the eventual Super Bowl Champion betting.

Pro Football Odds

During the season the bookmakers will set weekly game odds starting on after the Sunday games have been completed. Odds can slide up or down during the week depending how much backing each team is getting from the betting public. It is normally best to get your bets in on the favorites early in the week. If you expect an underdog is in a good spot you may want to wait until later in the week to place your wager.

NFL Betting Odds

Each week there are NFL betting odds on a myriad of betting options including the standard straight bets, totals, over/under betting as well as money lines. Add in proposition and future bets as well as revolutionary live in game betting and the options are virtually endless.

Smart bettors can use the information at AdvantageSportsBetting to study betting history and trends, check the injury reports and even consider the game site weather. All of our trusted and recommended online sportsbooks go the extra mile to make sure the betting public is as informed as possible. As the week rolls on pro football bettors will want to keep an eye on line movement. Though most line moves are subtle and not very drastic a point either way can have a huge impact on your betting selections and results.

Sometimes the bookmakers will outsmart themselves and post a bad line on a particular game. The informed sports bettor will notice these bad lines and take advantage of them. If the odds makers have to readjust a line by moving it up or down bettors that are paying attention can get in on both sides of the line and win on both teams. As an example; the Colts open as four point favorites against the Texans. During the week the Texans starting quarterback goes down with an injury during practice. What was an already low line now must be raised and could go has high as 7.5 points. If you got in on the original low total but you are now keen on the Texans you have a chance to win both sides. If you take the 7.5 points and Houston and the Colts win by five to seven points, you will money with the Colts and the Texans.

Now that you know a little more, it's time to apply that knowledge. featured sportsbooks like offer the most up to date and current odds anywhere on the Internet. Head over to Advantage Sports Betting to check out their sportsbook reviews and then open an online betting account today.

College Football Betting Lines

College football point spreads differ between sports books and often more so than NFL betting lines. Many sports bettors make money by betting on the lesser-known games. Unfortunately, most sports books limit their college football action to the more popular games on the weekend. Full service AdvantageSportsBetting always give the football betting public all the games every weekend.

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Football Betting Tips

Informed football bettors have a much better chance of being winning football bettors. The experts at and their top ranked online betting sites are here to help you every step of the way. Before you wager be sure to investigate all your options and the information you need to be an informed, winning sports bettor.

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