Football Betting

No game or event attracts more fans worldwide than the game of football. Whether it's European Football, NFL Football, NCAA Football or Arena Football the experts at Advantage Sports Betting get you into the game better than anyone. The Internet is full of football wagering websites and sports betting on football is one of the mainstays of online gambling. Make sure you are making your football wagers at one of our trusted and secure sports wagering sites.

Football is an action packed game that is amazing to watch in person, on TV or over the Internet. Add some wagering action to the picture and you instantly hit a whole new level of excitement. Every football season sports bettors line up at their local casino's to get their action in on the games. Savvy online sports gamblers know better and make their wagers at the trusted and recommended wagering sites listed at Advantage Sports Betting. One of their featured sportsbooks is who are a top ranked gambling website that is easy to access and will always take your action in a safe and secure atmosphere.

Betting Football Online

The football betting public has a vast amount of? sports book betting sites that offer safe and secure football betting online. Though other sports like horse racing, auto racing, golf, basketball, baseball and hockey are also available, football is by far the most popular sport to wager on. Our preferred football betting sites offer all the betting options you will find at a traditional brick and mortar sports book as well as many, many more.

Placing a wager at a secure and trusted website is easy with the help of Advantage Sports Betting. Their preferred online wagering sites help make football more exiting as well as profitable. Placing your football wagers online is fast, convenient and secure so open your online betting account today!

Football Betting Websites

At we have gone goal line to goal line to bring you the very best football betting websites available online today. We are a licensed and regulated online gambling portal that turns bettors into winners. Our featured sportsbooks like BODOG are open 24 hours a day - every day of the year. They utilize the latest security technology to ensure that your personal data and online transactions are always safe and secure. They have been serving sports bettors for a well over a decade now and they have eared their stripes as one of the best online wagering sites in the world today.

When it comes to football wagering our trusted online football betting sites provide you with the best and most up to the minute betting lines as well as a vast variety of betting options. Don't limit yours to straight wagers or betting on the totals. The betting options at our preferred sportsbooks are virtually unlimited. They have been further enhanced with the advent of live in game wagering that literally brings you into the huddle on every play. To get the football betting advantage you need to get Advantage Sports Betting working for you!

Football Betting Strategies

Do you love betting on football? Do you love making winning football bets? Well, do you?? At? Advantage Sports Betting making your football wagers is simple and safe. Don't get into the game without reading up on all the football betting options at our informational online sportbook portal. Along with our preferred wagering sites we bring you the latest lines on thousands of football wagering options. You need to know what you are betting on to become a winning football gambler and we are always here to help every step of the way.

Straight Wagers for Football Online Betting

A straight football bet is a wager on one team to win or the game total to go over/under. For wagering purposes straight bets are determined by a point spread and/or money line odds.

Buying Points

Buying points is a common practice in football betting. Most sports bettors buy points when they think that the line is just over a certain scoring point. Buying points should not be used to create potential winners from ties but rather to save potential losing lines.


A parlay involves multiple bets (usually up to a maximum of 12 bets) and rewards successful bettors with a very large payout. For example, a bettor could include four different teams on a four-team parlay card and they are then wagering that all four bets will win. If any of the four bets fails to cover the parlay bet is lost. The excitement comes in when all four bets win and the bettor receives a substantially higher payout than if he made the four wagers separately. Parlay odds vary by sportsbook but 10-1 is the average odds on a four-team parlay.

Proposition Bets

These are wagers made on the specifics of a football game. Examples include guessing the number of points each team scores, betting whether a certain player will score in a football game, or wagering that a player on one team will accumulate more touchdowns? than a player on the opposing team.

Future wagers

While all sports wagers gamble on future events, bets listed as future wagers generally have a long-term horizon that is measured by weeks, months or over an entire season. A classic example of a future wager in football is that a certain team will win the Super Bowl in the upcoming season. This future wager must be made before the season starts and winning bets do not get paid out until the conclusion of the Super Bowl. Odds for future wagers are normally a big number which means you can get odds as high as 5000-1 in some cases (Detroit Lions to win the Super Bowl).

Teaser Parlays

Teasers bets are normally used on parlay cards and help make winning easier by adding points to the original line. For example, if the original line is 7 points, the teaser line might be 13 points for the underdog and 1 point for the favorite. Teasers are easier to win than regular parlay bets, but the payout is not as high.

Opening a sports betting account to wager on football is fast and free with the top ranked sportsbooks at Advantage Sports Betting. The wagering options listed above and many, many more are being posted at our trusted Internet wagering sites everyday. Online football betting has never been easier more safe or more exciting than it is today. Don't forget that our preferred sportsbooks have free cash waiting for you just for signing up and making your initial deposit. What are you waiting for? The NFL Football season is just around the corner so get into the game TODAY!

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