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Choosing the Best Sportsbook makes all the difference! has been a trusted online sportsbook portal since 2001. We are proud to bring you the most up to date information regarding online betting and we deliver 24/7 and 365 days a year. Our top ranked sportsbooks feature all the big events including the Super Bowl, March Madness, the NBA Playoffs, the World Series, Masters Golf, US Open Tennis, World Cup Soccer and much, much more.

Not all online gambling sites are created equal and that's where we come into play. We have meticulously researched, reviewed and rated many of the top online sports books so you don't have to. Our preferred sportsbooks like offer the most betting options and best odds in the industry. At many of our trusted, safe and secure online wagering sites you can get into the game with a minimum deposit of just $20 and can bet on the action for as little a buck.

To be rated as one of our top Internet sports books an online wagering site needs to be open 24 hours a day and seven days a week. They need to be able to produce the latest betting information, handle your sports wagers promptly, offer the most current odds and they must protect your privacy. They need to give you easy access to your account, transfer your funds quickly and safely all while offering friendly and efficient customer service. Head over to Bodog and you will be very impressed by the many features they offer. Once there you can open your sports betting account, deposit funds ad get into the game in a matter of minutes.

Top 10 Sports Betting Sites

If a game is being played anywhere in the world our top 10 sports betting sites will give you action on it. Our team of experts has selected the top 10 sports betting sites based on 5 main criteria; reputation, security, bonus value, customer service quality, website and software. Click here to see our most recommended sportsooks.

The online betting partners preferred by the Advantage Sports Betting team are your secure and safe home for all your sports wagering including:

Don't sign up with any online gambling site before reviewing their track record at Advantage Sports Betting. Our top ranked sportsbooks will always offer you the most action at the best prices, the highest level of personal and transaction security and they are all accessible from your home, office or on the go with your mobile device.

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Sportsbook Betting Tips

To be rated as one the best of the best a sportsbook must offer a wide range of sports and entertainment betting options. True industry leaders like Bodog will always offer the following betting options and so much more.

Straight Wagers

The most standard betting option an online sports book betting will offer is a straight wager. Odds makers set a line and you have to decide between the favorite and the underdog. All online sportsbooks will set their game lines several days before the event is played. The lines can move up or down so watching the line movement is a key to making successful straight wagers.


When making a parlay wager you simply select anywhere from two and up to an average of eight teams. You have now grouped together all the teams that you think will win onto one ticket. The teams you parlay can be from the same sport or you can crossover to include teams from other sports. Parlays pay out huge money but are also very tough to win. We always recommend you restrict your parlay wagers to three or four team parlays for your best chance to win. Bodog is a sports books leader when it comes to the popular option of parlay betting.

Money Lines

All of our top ranked Internet Sports Book offer a wide variety of money lines which are one of the most popular wagering options. When you bet on the money line, you are simply betting on a team to win straight up without any spread. With money lines, the favorite will always have a negative number and the underdog will always have a positive number. If you bet on the favorite at -130 you would need to wager $130 to win $100. If you bet on the underdog at +120 you would need to wager $100 to win $120. Parlay a -130 team with a +120 team and your $100 investment returns $289.23. Money line betting is your best option when you see a sure thing!

Half Time Wagers

Half time wagering has become a very popular wagering option especially with the advent of live in game betting consoles. Many of the top rated sportsbooks at offer half time wagering on most basketball and football games. Once the games reach halftime, the odds makers will post a halftime line and you get to bet on who will win the second half. This is great feature especially if one or more of your full game wagers appear to be heading south to the trashcan.


Teaser options at our top ranked Sports Book betting sites are wildly popular. Teaser bets normally require a minimum wager of a two-team parlay. The bookmakers will « tease » the bettor by adding points to or shaving points off of the original line. For example; if the New Orleans Saints are sitting as a five point favorite, the teaser betting option could turn that -5 point line into a +2 point line. Find a few sure bets, add or shave a few points and then group them together to cash a winning ticket.

'IF' Wagers

Top rated online wagering sites like the Bodog sportsbook always offer « IF » wagering. This betting option is an excellent example of good time and money management. Though they may seem complicated, « IF » bets really are very simple. Select two teams and bet $100 (or any amount as low as $1) on the first team. If your bet wins, the $100 original bet is automatically rolled over to the second team. Most of the reputable sports books rated at will allow you to put up to seven teams on one ticket for this exciting wagering option.

Action Reverse

Popular sports books always offer Action Reverse betting options. A reverse betting slip will have a pair of « IF » bet to win, tie or cancel and bets may be placed on the sides or the total. A $100 Reverse has a maximum risk of $220 and maximum win of $400.


Proposition sports wagering options are almost limitless. This is especially true for a big game such as the Super Bowl. The trusted online wagering sites at Advantage Sports Betting are known to offer over 100 betting options on a single game. Some more « out there» props on last years Super Bowl included «Who Will Have More» cross sports bets such as Montreal + Boston goals (+2.5) in their hockey game against Saints + Colts Punts (-2.5). You could also wager on Penguins + Capitals Goals (+.5) against the Saints + Colts Touchdowns (-.5). Generally speaking proposition bets are usually a single bet and no parlay betting is allowed with. More an more today though; online wagering sites are setting up separate prop betting lists that do allow the bettor to make parlay bets within that selected group of options.


For those that like to get ahead of the game our top ranked sportsbooks offer future wagering. Future bets can be placed on virtually any major entertainment or sporting event. Take your Super Bowl winnings and roll it over on who you think will win the next Super Bowl. Sportsbooks that come with a high rating will normally have the following years Championship odds up within an hour of the conclusion of that year's game. Futures can be made on the tennis and golf grand slam events as well as major sports like football, hockey, baseball, soccer and basketball. You can even bet on how many wins a team will garner in their season ahead. Books makers are very creative people and the future betting options they post seem to be limitless.

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