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NBA Best Basketball Teams of All Time – Modern Era

NBA Best Basketball Teams of All Time - Modern Era

In the NBA, just like in any other professional sport, you have a fan base full of self proclaimed experts who have more than their fair share of opinions and independent team rankings. These opinions and rankings typically change according to location and alcohol consumption level.

If you ever find yourself having a discussion of what the best NBA teams of all time are in the modern era, you will be hard pressed to walkway without a blown out eardrum and maybe some scar tissue damage.

When you’re talking championships you have to admit the Boston Celtics are the best with 17 NBA Championships, but if you are talking about championship appearances, you have to give the Lakers credits who have made 31 appearances.

If you’re talking team chemistry and league dominance you cannot leave out the Chicago Bulls who won 3 back to back NBA Championships twice from 1991-1998 with instant Hall-of-Famers Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen.
Top NBA Teams to Watch in 2011

5 years from now we will undoubtedly look back at the above teams and see how our opinion has dramatically changed. The 2011 NBA roster is almost unrecognizable compared to the previous year, and with all these roster changes come potentially new dynasties like the Miami Heat. Lebron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh are together at last on one team.

If NBA experts are correct, the newly designed Miami Heat will make an NBA Finals appearance this upcoming season and many more after that if they can build on their natural chemistry that comes from being friends off the court.

Be on the watch in 2011 for the Miami Heat, a dynasty in the making!

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