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Former NFL Star Running Backs Still Looking For Work

The importance of depth at the Running Back position in the NFL can never be understated nor ignored. Injuries happen, or guys go cold, and someone needs to step up. There are some veteran, former star, NFL Running Backs still perched on the waiver wire. While they won’t be the main focus, if they land a roster spot at all, their experience could be a welcomed addition.

Former NFL Star Running Backs Still Looking For Work

As the NFL 2011 regular season creeps closer, there are some aging NFL former star Running Backs who are still looking for work. Originally a group of four, RB Larry Johnson’s signing in Miami, leaves Tiki Barber, Brian Westbrook and Clinton Portis still on the outside looking in.

Has Father Time Caught Up To These Former Stars?

At 29 (30 on September 1, 2011), Clinton Portis is the youngest of this bunch, followed by Westbrook at 31, and Barber who, at 36 years old, is a dinosaur. The age of 30 has always been considered the “Wall” for NFL running backs so we don’t see Barber landing anywhere.

Westbrook has been a glass slipper as he has dealt with serious injuries over the better part of the last three seasons. With his pass catching skills, Westbrook would be a welcomed edition on a team like the Lions, Patriots, or Bears, as a change of pace back. While he waits for the phone to ring, this former fan favorite has joined 610 WIP Radio in Philadelphia – he may be there all season.

Portis had worked out for Miami before the Dolphins settled on signing RB Larry Johnson to back up the newly acquired, major Draft Day bust, RB Reggie Bush. Out of these former three NFL stars, we give Portis the best (only) chance of seeing the field during NFL 2011. Portis would not be able to tote the rock 25-30 times a game, but a nice mix of 10-15 plays certainly seems doable with a new team like Detroit!

That being said, we would not be surprised if all three of them end up without a team for the NFL 2011 regular season.

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