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Big Week Ahead For NFL Sports Bettors

With NFL 2011 season still somewhat in jeopardy, it’s a big week ahead for NFL sports bettors. The foundation of a new CBA has been cast and now the lawyers are drafting the language that will hopefully spell an end to this sad chapter of Billionaires vs. Multimillionaires.

Big Week Ahead For NFL Sports Bettors

Big Week Ahead For NFL Sports Bettors: The week ahead is a very important one as the “drop dead” date, for the NFL to have a full slate of preseason action, draws closer. In order for the Hall Of Fame Game (Bears vs. Rams) to played on August 7, 2011, many NFL experts are saying that a deal needs to be done by Friday, July 15, 2011.

NFL & NFLPA Lawyers Chiseling Out CBA Wording

NFL and NFLPA lawyers had intense and extensive talks late last week. We see that as the basics being in place for a new Collective Bargaining Agreement – now the lawyers just have to chisel the exact wording. That is no small feat as the NFL CBA is complicated and varies just as much as lawyer speak does.

NFL Owners and Players Heading To Manhattan

The legal teams for both sides are in Manhattan starting today to continue work on the language of the CBA. It’s a very positive sign that the player and owner reps are expected to join them as early as Tuesday, July 12, 2011. The main reason we see the representatives from both sides joining the lawyers is to peruse the final CBA documents and get the damn deal signed already.

Fear not NFL Fans! The silliness is about to end so get ready for some football!

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