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There is no a better example of sports and sports wagering being joined at the hip than when you look at NFL Betting. Many say the NFL would be just another sports league if it weren't for the exciting gambling attachment that the sport has. Each year, millions of sports bettors, from the casual to the pro, flock to sportsbooks to place their bets on the weekly NFL action. In Las Vegas, sports bettors form long lines in the sportsbooks on game days to get in their NFL bets before the game begins. Some even get shutout from making their bets due to the long lineups.

Today, thanks to Advantage Sports Betting and their trusted, top rated online sportsbooks, the sports, entertainment and football-betting landscape has changed dramatically. While some people still line up at the popular Las Vegas sportsbooks to get in on the NFL action, today's savvy sports bettor can get all the thrills and win with the NFL from their home, office or on the go with their mobile device.

The wagering action, game information, trends and tips are all right there at your fingertips with our top recommended online sportsbooks. Remember, not all online sportsbooks were created equal. As you do with any purchased in life, you need to shop around to find the best of the best. With Advantage Sports Betting, we have reviewed and rated the major Internet wagering sites and we list them all in our comprehensive review section. With our top ranked sports books there's no reason for you to be limited to football betting in the traditional yet outdated way. Our online sports betting sites offer you the best in secure, safe and legal NFL football wagering. Don't bet in the NFL without us!

Bet NFL Online

From Alaska to Florida (and all the other states and countries in the world) you can bet NFL online conveniently and quickly with our trusted online sportsbooks. Rather than queuing up in a line you can use the extra time to get last minute game information or do some last second research that will help bring your football winners home. With Advantage Sports Betting the NFL, as well as the entire sports wagering world, is right at your fingertips.

There's something to be said about the ultimate level of convenience provided by Advantage Sports Betting. Our sports bettors can sit back and relax at their home, their office, or by the lake at the cottage with their mobile device and just soak up the last minute NFL betting information. A starting star running back that was listed as a game time decision has just been put on the inactive list by the coach and kickoff is just minutes away. While this is happened the talking heads on television were taking a commercial break. With instant alerts from one of our trusted online sportsbooks, you get real time notification and you can adjust your betting thoughts accordingly. Head over to ASB and open an online football betting account today!

NFL Prop Bets

When opportunity knocks, it's always best to answer the door. When it comes to NFL Prop Bets, opportunity doesn't knock, it just busts the door down. Take a look at some of the unique NFL wagering opportunities from the recommended sports books at Advantage Sports Betting.

  1. Who will lead the league in rushing yards?
  2. Who will lead the league in passing yards?
  3. Who will be this years leading pass receiver?
  4. Who will be the offensive and defensive players of the year?
  5. Who will be the offensive and defensive rookies of the year?
  6. Which teams will win their respective conferences?
  7. Which two teams are going to meet in the Super Bowl?
  8. Who will be the Super Bowl MVP?

Add another 10,000 opportunities to that list and you are starting to scratch the surface on the NFL wagering options window. Brick and mortar sportsbooks would need to be one hundred times bigger to house the screens it takes to bring you all the betting options you get with online football betting. Add in new technology that offers live in-game betting action (that virtually takes you onto the field and into the huddle) and your sports betting excitement enters a whole new stratosphere.


With Advantage Sports Betting's featured sports betting site Bodog you really do get it all. From the pre-season, to the regular season, to the post season and all the way to the Super Bowl, BODOG has got you covered. Whether you want to place a straight wager, parlay, teaser, proposition bet or bet the over / under, Bodog offers quick and easy online football betting. Jump on the Internet; dial up on your phone, or with your mobile device to get up to the minute betting odds and lines for all of the NFL action. Take advantage of their live in-game football betting console to put cash in your pocket based solely on your knowledge of NFL football!

Get started with your very own football online betting account today and Bodog will give you a 10% free cash bonus on your first deposit to thank you for your trust in them. A cash back bonus of up to $1,000 has your name on it. Head over to BODOG or any of the ASB secure and trusted sportsbooks to claim it!

The security of your personal information and the safety of your hard earned cash should always be the least of your worries when dealing with any online football-betting site. Bodog is an industry leader when it comes to online protection. Their clients benefit from state-of-the-art servers and security features that come from being a part of the Bodog Entertainment Group. Add in the strong financial backing that comes with being a valuable member of this online family and it's easy to see why BODOG has a lot bite in it's bark. It only takes a couple of minutes to register so get your online football wagering account through Advantage Sports Betting today!

Advantage Sports Betting and Bodog – Like Montana to Rice.

Time to put some money on a NFL Betting game? Better compare the NFL Betting sports betting odds currently being offered by the most trusted NFL Betting online sports betting sites.

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