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There are few things more satisfying than watching the world's best golfers compete for some of the most coveted titles in the world. As we golf lovers know, golf is a sport that requires unrivaled accuracy and talent, as proven by such greats as Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and Ernie Els. But have you considered how much more entertaining a round of golf can be after you've laid down a simple bet?

Do you think you know the game of golf and the golfers? Prove it and put cash in your pocket by placing golf bets on all the biggest events out there. It's never too late to get into the action at with our top recommended sports betting sites. Don't miss a stroke, putt, birdie or eagle thanks to the best online sportsbooks we endorse.

Golf Sports Betting

Whether you want to place a straight wager on a golfer, play the field or bet a multiple-player golf parlay bet, the top recommended sportsbooks as selected by our team of experts will have what you need. Golf sports betting has never been more accessible and easy to get into.

They offer quick and easy online and phone betting options. Can you get to a phone? How about a computer with an Internet connection? If you can do either one of these, you can place a wager on your projected winner. Indulge in golf betting whenever and wherever you want.

Golf Betting Sites

Our list of top recommended golf betting sites makes golf wagering on events like the U.S. Open and others extremely simple and convenient. Unlike some other online sports betting sites, reputable sportsbooks do not require you to submit any setup fees before you can start wagering. As you would expect, these sportsbooks are open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. In most cases, the same is true for their customer service teams.

Recreational and professional golf fans and sports bettors alike will find everything they are looking for with our top recommended sports books.


Bodog strives to bring the world of golf at your fingertips by allowing you to place golf bets around the world. As you might expect, they offer golf wagering opportunities on The Masters, the U.S. Open, the British Open, the PGA Championship and much more. Looking for golf futures? Look no further than Advantage Sports Betting's featured sportsbook Bodog. They have a full array of golf futures for your golf betting pleasure. Golf just got a 'hole' lot more exciting.

Let's get you started on the winning path today. If you create your Bodog betting account -only takes a couple of minutes- they will add a free cash bonus equal to 10% of your first deposit. How great is that? Who doesn't love free cash? You decide how much free cash you want from us. The more you deposit, the higher your free cash deposit. They have up to $1,000 in cold hard cash sitting here for you. Claim your free cash bonus right now!

Bodog is all about convenience and security. They offer many depositing methods for your convenience and cashing out is a breeze. Unlike other online sports books, where you might wait days on end, your cash out will be processed with speed. It's your money and you have a right to expect prompt service. Come see why golf bettors from around the world have been making Bodog their go to source for golf betting as well as all sports betting since 2001.

Signing up is a breeze and you have that great 10% free cash bonus waiting for you. Sleep better at night knowing your hard earned money is safe and secure. Winning is all about options and no one has as many betting options and opportunities than Bodog. Start making money with golf wagering from today onwards!

Advantage Sports Betting and Bodog - We're a hole in one!

Time to put some money on a Golf game? Better compare the Golf sports betting odds currently being offered by the most trusted Golf online sports betting sites.

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