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The two biggest games, statistically, in sports betting are basketball and football. These two powerhouses account for roughly two-thirds of all betting action. Basketball offers more betting opportunities due to the longer schedule and number of games. Many sports handicappers love basketball, because they feel it is easier to handicap.

Basketball Handicapping Expanded

Before deciding to bet a sport, it's important to look at how the game is played. Pay very close attention to scoring. Let's look at the scoring difficulty of some major sports.


Scoring in football is difficult. A team must move up the field and if they have one bad play or a series of 3 poor plays, the drive can stall. The easiest scoring play is the field goal and even this is semi-difficult - it's only 3 points.


Scoring in baseball is moderate. Betting on baseball involves simply the winner. Unless you play the run line, which gives bettors better monetary terms, the win differential does not matter. However, if a team puts together a series of runs, it can be difficult for the other team to come back.


Scoring in hockey is very difficult. Recent rule changes to the game have helped improve scoring, but it is still difficult to score a goal. As with baseball, you are basically picking the winning team only. If your team gets down just one goal, that could be curtains for your pick. If you get a true feel for the game of hockey, you can do very well with it.


Scoring is easy. Scoring is not only easy; it is frequent and monitored via a shooting clock. It's not uncommon for a team to score 4-8 points in one minute. In fact, the end of games can have a flurry of scoring activity. This equates to a fun time for sports bettors and a higher ability to beat the spread.

Let's look at some comparisons. If you bet an 8-point favorite in football and there was 2 minutes left in the game and the other team had the ball, you are most likely going to lose. However, if the same scenario in basketball happened, you still have a very good chance of winning. You know that in those final two minutes, your team is most likely going to get a few scoring chances and perhaps more if they pull ahead. How about Baseball? Let's say your team is down by 3 runs going into the 8th inning. There's only 6 outs left for them and it's going to take a big comeback to pull it out. To make matters worse, the other team has just brought in their closing specialist. The whole game changes at this point. Hockey is similar. If your team was down by one goal with two minutes remaining, it will be tough to come back. Basketball offers sports bettors the best come back ability of any sport.

Basketball Betting Sports Book

Not everyone can afford to hop on a plane to Vegas just to place some sports bets. Online sports betting at is a great secure alternative., via its partnership with Bodog Entertainment Group, is the fourth largest wagering company on the Australian Stock Exchange. Since action happens practically around the clock, and Bodog provide bettors with a secure way to place bets any time day or night. features action on all the usual favorites: Basketball, Baseball, Football, Hockey, Horse Racing, Poker, and even casino games. Unlike many online betting destinations, prides itself on lightning fast cash outs. You never have to wait for your money.

College and NBA Betting

Have you wagered on baseball, hockey or football and lost time and time again? If so, try betting on basketball. Many sports bettors find their luck changes when they enter the arena of basketball online betting. Part of the reason is the fact that scoring in basketball is much easier than in other sports. offers a range of NBA betting lines and props including college basketball lines and college basketball point spread information. It is the place to go for basketball betting action. You will find more NCAA basketball point spreads than any other major online sports book. and Bodog are dedicated to helping you win on a more consistent basis. They will help you interpret college basketball odds, help you bet on the NBA and help you learn about betting sports in general. All that's left for you to do is simply log in.

Bet with Bodog on the NBA and College Basketball Lines

As you might know, college basketball lines and NBA betting lines can differ between sports books. features very good college basketball lines and NCAA basketball point spreads. Compare the NCAA basketball point spreads and college basketball lines against any sports book and discover the difference.

It's now time to head over to Bodog Sportsbook and create an account. Make sure you take advantage of the special bonus offers and don't forget to make some winning basketball bets.

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