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Major League Baseball Report: Drug Scandal Haunts 2011 NL MVP Winner

Pro sports leagues love positive headlines during their off season as it keeps them in the public eye. The latest news coming out of Major League Baseball is the worst publicity they could get. National League 2011 MVP Ryan Braun is in the middle of a nasty drug scandal.

Major League Baseball Report: Drug Scandal Haunts 2011 NL MVP Winner

Back on November 22, 2011, Major League baseball was celebrating the National League Most Valuable Player Award announcement. Fast forward to December 12, 2011, and the MLB bliss has been shattered as MVP winner Ryan Braun has reportedly failed a drug test.

Failed Performance-Enhancing Drug Test Rocks MLB

Milwaukee Brewers star outfielder Ryan Braun, also known as the Hebrew Hammer, could see the hammer come down on his 2011 Major League Baseball MVP Award. Braun was drug tested during the 2011 MLB playoffs back in October. An anonymous source from ESPN has reported that the test was failed with the highest PED results in sports history.

Braun Camp Claims Foul Ball On Failed PED Test

Matthew Hiltzick, the spokesperson for Ryan Braun responded to the ESPN report by saying; “There are highly unusual circumstances surrounding this case which will support Ryan’s complete innocence. We are confident he will ultimately be exonerated.”

Should Braun be found guilty of PED use, he faces a 2012 MLB suspension of up to 50 games. The Baseball Writers’ Association, the body that votes on the NL MVP, has said they will not revoke the award – even if the tests are 100% confirmed.

That said, they have left the door open to consider a strip once all the facts finally surface. Should Braun be stripped of the honor, it’s a good bet that Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp would win a re-vote for the 2011 NL MVP Award.

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